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Naive Oil Painting of a Dutch Gentleman

Dutch 19th Century

27 cms wide and 35 cms high

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Set of 16 Prints of Birds' eggs

 Circa 1880

Each measures 23 cms wide and 29 cms high

Scottish Print after James Gillray

English 1786

 46 cms wide and 38 cms high


Portrait of Pate McPhun, John Watson, 1912

51 cms wide and 66 cms high

Set of 9 Prints of Butterflies

 Circa 1870

Each measures 21 cms wide and 28 cms high

Set of 6 Botanical Prints
Circa 1880

Each measures 18 cms wide and 24 cms high

Set of 18 Antique  Prints of Scottish Castles

Circa 1770

Each measures 25 cms wide and 18 cms high

Set of 8 Architectural Prints of English Churches.

Steel engravinrgs

Published 1836

Each measures 20  cms wide and 27 cms high.

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Set of 15 Antique Bird Prints in Faux Bamboo Frames, English 1830s

Small print of a humming bird

English 1850s

13.34 cms wide and 13.34 high

Oil painting on canvas

Primitive portrait of a girl

71 cms wide and 83 cms high

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Oil on Canvas


Attributed to Sadnand K Bakre (Indian)

94 cms wide and 74 cms high

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Cubist drawing

Signed by Karl Hagerdorn dated 1915

Large gilt frame

English early 19th Century

94 cms wide and 113 cms high

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Large scroll map of Lincolnshire, dated 1778

By Captain Armstrong, 1778.  Copper plate engraving on paper laid on canvas.

152.4 wide and 213.36 cm high.

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